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Actually You are on one of the pages of a wedding photography website, but don’t worry, you don’t have to plan your wedding yet, or get married again in order to experience of a couple photoshoot, especially if you want high-quality joint pictures of yourselves as a result of excellent sightseeing photography with your loved one.

If you are on a trip or vacation in Budapest and you want your experiences to be taken through a love story photography, as you visited the most beautiful places with your love, then you can put your phone in your pocket, because no matter how good it is, selfies can’t be better than having a private tour photographer.

Unforgettable walking, talking, café, sightseeing, relaxed or elegant.
There are many ways to do couple photography in Budapest, or even outside the city, in nature.
The point is to make it feel like your own and become happy with quality couple photos.

How it works?

It is easier thank You think!

-Just choose the package that suits you best!
-Send me with Your possible dates for the photoshoot!
-The rest is up to me to be at your disposal as soon as possible based on what has been described.

Things you don’t have to worry about

We recommend you a lot of great locations and attractions that you must see in Budapest, but we are also open to your preferences.
We help You relax and with only as necessary soft posing in order to be everything appears as naturally as possible during the photoshoot.
Every picture will be retouched and post processed to give You the best.

Choose from the photography packages

couple photoshoot Budapest

Pre-Wedding Photography BudapestLEAVE PHONES IN THE POCKET
(because this will be more attractive than selfies)

This is the king of the possibilities!
Take home Your best memories through this option,
where we accompany you to the best ,,have to see places,, in Budapest!

2 hours photoshoot
3 main attractions of Budapest
120 post-processed, retouched, downloadable, high resolution pictures in webgallery
deadline: 5 days

300 EURO

What’s more!

You can add extra hours for we can take more photos of you at sightseeing more highlights of the city!

+50 EURO /+hours


Love Story Photographer Budapest

(with Your loved one)

The best choice if You want full value romantic photoshoot at the best attraction of Budapest!
(We help You choose the best one what fit for Your needs well!)

1 hour photoshoot
2 main attractions of Budapest
60 post-processed, retouched, downloadable, high resolution pictures in webgallery
deadline: 3 days

180 EURO


Love Session Package of couple photographer in Budapest


(if You need only some beautiful pictures of You)

The best choice if You want full only some pictures of you at the most beautiful streets of Budapest!
(of course we will help you with this as well to find the best way)

30 minutes photoshoot
1 main attractions of Budapest
30 post-processed, retouched, downloadable, high resolution pictures in webgallery
deadline: 2 days

100 EURO

You are also in the best place if You choose one of these packages
for this kind of photoshoot:

Engagement photography

Elopement photography

Pre-wedding photography

Proposal photography

Wedding photography

Anniversary photoshoot

Group of friends photoshoot

Romantic couple photoshoot

Family photoshoot

Just a few pictures of You

Some professional portraits

If You need more

it’s completely understandable if you expect more, so we can add the following services for additional cost:

-Makeup artist

(type into the message if You need them and we send You the price of the available artist)

-Back & forth ride Your housing in Budapest and the photoshoot venue

We welcome everyone!
Write to us about your questions and book the most likable photography packages above,
or Your own needs!

Booking / Informations
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Budapest at Night - Engagement Photography (Chain Bridge)couple photoshoot Budapest

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